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◆ Quality First
&Quality,the enterprise's life,moreover is the enterprise livelihood and the development basis.The company persists the view quality throughoutly that the company without the quality is like the passive water and the tree without the root.When it appears the contradiction in the product objective process between quality and progress and between the quality and the cost,the company treats the quality first as throughout,and provides the first-class quality product for the customer.

◆ To improve continually
To improve continually is the company's need for the permanent management,and is the eternal pursue for the quality control.There are three points in the following.
1、To promote the staff's quality consciousness continually, and to accomplish the first-class staff's troop.
2、To consummate the quality control system to adapt the change about the environment of company's management continually,and to make it to be suitable more effectively.
3、To improve the product quality continually,to satisfy the customer's needs in order to promote“Inch”'s quality to a more perfect consummation.

◆ Service creates value
Xiamen Inch Films Limited Company scrupulously follows the management idea " service creates value ",with the good faith as root,with serves as content,and with innovation as the goal, to realize co-wins with the partners!

◆ The spirit of "Inch"
To pursue remarkable " to oneself ",and? " ultra institute time " to customer.